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Peace on Earth was heavenly. My skin is oh so soft! It was fun to watch the bomb fizz away . I just might become a two bath a day gal.

2nd order: My goodies were waiting for me when I got home! Peppermint Kiss tonight- its heavenly! #whitebuffaloapothecary has the BEST bath bombs!

Renee H.

Absolutely loved loved loved my bathbomb and the soap! Both smell so amazing and made my skin so soft!! The soap though, oh my gosh I love it smells so amazing!!!!!

Jessica W.

I've love all the items I've tried, the bath bombs are the greatest. They fizz and bubble in the water and smell fantastic.
I just started using the chap stick it's silky feeling on your lips...

Lori H.

My box made it! Everything is so amazing in here! I can't wait to try it all!
My favorite so far is hands down the tea tub soak.THIS IS THE CUTEST THING! Eee!

Megan H.

The menthol shower bomb was so refreshing and helped so much.

Brittany G.

I finally got a chance to try my rose garden bath bomb... O.....M.....G! My bath has never smelt so heavenly! My skin was silky smooth afterwards!

Sara L.

Hands down our favorite bath bombs yet. These have the best buttery textures, the best fizziness and amazing smells ♡♡

Elizajean H.

Absolutely love white buffalo products!!! I use them for myself and my go to items to give to family and friends. My absolute fav is the coffee scrub!!!!

Vicki D.

Can't get enough!! I have ordered other products but they don't even compare to these!! I'm addicted!!!!


Brandee H.

We had met these fabulous ladies in Watford at a vendor show and bought a few of there products!! They are fabulous!! My daughter LOVED the hatchimals bath bombs!!! They smell fantastic~great quality~And look amazing!!!

Tyanna R.

I saw them at a show in Dickinson asked if they had coconut oil free ones as my daughter can’t have it due to her allergies... next time I see them in Dickinson they had made a bunch more including kids ones without coconut oil! It is truly helped my daughters skin!

Stephanie S.

I ordered from White buffalo for Christmas gifts. Everyone loved the bombs, teas, and shower soothers. I was bummed I didn't get anything for myself, until my sister in law gifted me with some bath bombs from them as well. They're amazing and at a wonderful price. Though, my bf has stolen a couple bombs for himself. He loves them too. Hahaha. Definitely will order again.

Heather P.

My friend turned me on to these after she tried them. These bath bombs are absolutely amazing!! My skin has never felt so good!! These are not just regular bath bombs. I have tried many, many bath bombs from so many stores online and walk-in. When I read the ingredient label on these I was amazed at how many butters and oils they contained. No wonder they are so moisturizing!! Definitely buying more!! They are so addicting!!

Melissa R.

My children and I love the bath bombs we get from you. Every time there’s a vendor show in our area and you’re there we make sure to come pick up a few!

Mandi M.

Love the bath bombs I have got! Wonderful quality! I also have tried the salts! She has a great selection of scents! I would and have recommended her to friends!

Dani P.

I had ordered from White Buffalo Apothecary, Bath Bombs, tub teas and Chamomile Lavender Soap. My daughter had read from Dr. Axe, website: Are Bath Bombs Safe? The Ingredients Are Terrifying!.
Well,I had assured her these products DO NOT have harmful ingredients! They are all organic! YAY!!! No worries if you or you little ones will not be exposed to endocrine disruptors including Phthalates and other chemicals.

If you want bath bombs, tub teas & soap without the artificial dyes (they offer color free and essential oils) and hormone-disrupting chemicals, White Buffalo Apothecary is where you should be ordering from.

So take your bombs, teas & soaps and relax to a whole new level knowing you and your little ones are safe!

You won't be disappointed when you receive your order!! Each item is carefully wrapped!

Linda H.

I bought some of the little calf bath and the adult line. And I must say they are FANTASTIC! My daughter eagerly helped unwrap the package and immediately went to the tub to use her "bath poms". She fell in love instantly with the fruit loop bombs! I used a rose garden bomb and it was AMAZING. Smelled wonderful and felt even better!The sugar scrub is also a gem! I cannot wait to try the entire line!

Sara L.

Thank you! I'm so addicted to these bath bombs!! Lol. They have helped with my itchy skin and for my sons eczema! Ive tried many but none have been even half as good as yours! His skin clears right up after 1 or 2!!

Brandee H.

Love the bath bombs and soap! Got some shower bombs today and can't wait to try. They were in Dickinson today and we had to go get some while they were here! Better than any bath bombs we have gotten before. Makes skin so soft and smells so good just so much better quality! Would recommend and will keep coming back!!!

Destiny W.

I purchased 4 bath bombs and I absolutely loved them! 2 cotton candy and 2 laundry day. I highly recommend her products.   The best part is, they are organic🙌 You won't be disappointed when you receive your order!!!!!

Amber L.

Oh, Wow!! I had the privilege of using the Fire & Ice Massage Oil Spray!! This spray is AMAZING!! It goes to work so quickly and lasts forever! I used it on my neck and shoulders with wonderful relief. My adult son also tried it on his nerve damaged hand and found great relief from his ongoing pain. You have a winner here!!! Thank you!!

Tamma P.