Arrg, gather your crew and find treasure with this new bath bomb theme.
Plunder the depths of your tub and fight the kraken all while trying to secure Davy Jones heart to rule the seas!
Don't get sucked into the sirens trap with their beautiful voices!
Stay sharp and find your heading.

Products are scented in blends that pair well with each other in the set and have Embeds for burst of color in your water.


Davey Jones in Bay Rum

Thump Thump in Creamy Coconut Orange

Treasure Map in Palo Santo

Aztec Coin in Aztec Gold

Krakken in Coconut

Sea Turtle in Baja

Mermaid Egg in Sea Salt & Orchid

Black Pearl in Carribean Teakwood

Pirate Skull in Spellbound Woods

Sea Siren Chunky Bubble in Ocean Breeze

Jar of Dirt (Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bath Soak Powders) in Spiced Honey Citrus




Dead Man's Chest