Lotions, Butters

and Oils

Our Rich & Thick Lotions are skin nourishing with an organic Aloe Vera base coupled with
beneficial organic light seed oils that are easily absorbed for everyday use. 
Our Body Butters contain organic raw butters for moisturizing and protecting your skin.
Butters are more effective at rejuvenating dry skin,
whether used all over or only on problem patches, such as elbows and knees.

Our Body & Massage Oils hydrate and lubricate the skin to reduce friction for a relaxing massage or after bathing moisturizer while enjoying the additonal benefits of aromatherapy essential oils.

Whichever your preference, we are sure to have one to please most skin types.


Aromatherapy Rollerballs, Inhalers

& Sprays


For a complete therapeutic experience, add our Aroma Therapy Rollerballs or Aromatherapy Inhalers.
Each of the Essential Oils were chosen specifically for their properties and come in a variety of blends.
We have convenient on the go glass roller ball applicators for pulse points or easy to use nasal inhalers.
Our Room Sprays contain fragrance oil blended with neutralizer that quickly freshens any room.
Nothing is more inviting and relaxing than a home that smells amazing.
Our Body Mists are refreshing light fragrances that you can use from head to toe.