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Bath Bombs are a great way to  unwind.

Unwrap your little piece of heaven today and place in your tub, sit back and relax.

Designed to give you a spa like experience at home as they bubble and fizz away

releasing their beautiful fragrance while softening your water.


Bath Bombs may float and spin their way around your tub while Butter Bombs normally sink.

They are heavy due to being filled with many rich luxurious raw butters

created by nature to deeply moisturize your thirsty skin.

**Pictured are the 5oz bombs. May color bath water**

Now using: Eucalyptus Plant Based Bio-Glitters!!!

Specialty Bombs and Sets

These range from hand painted, specialty molds, extra large molds or may contain surprises.

Various weights will be listed in the descriptions.

Tub Teas

& Salt Cakes

Tub Teas & Salt Cakes are not only pretty to look at, they allow you to relax, detoxify your skin and ease muscle tension while leaving your skin nourished from the benefits of various high Mineral Salts,

Organic Tea Leaves, Organic Botanicals and Organic Essential Oils.


Tea Packaging

These come in convenient sealed paper tea bags you simply toss into the tub or

loose in glass bail jars with a reusable drawstring bag.

Discount Bin

This rea is for products that work as they are intended but they are discounted for other reasons. They could simply be a seasonal or holiday themed item, or it's just plain ugly as in it cracked, bad coloring, broken piece, etc....  What better time to try something new then at a 50% discount!! We don't like things sitting around and we can only use so much.  This area will change constantly so if you see something you want then grab it right away. Items put in cart will not save once someone has purchased the product.  Happy Hunting!!